Why Choose Baby Botox?

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Aesthetic injections, like everything else, have their trends that come and go. The very obvious ‘Kardashian’ look was a thing for a while but, apparently, that is on the way out and a more natural look is coming into fashion. Some are attributing this to the popularity of Meghan Markle and her look but we aren’t sure about that. What we do know, however, is that we are getting asked for ‘Baby Botox’ more and more often as it increases in popularity. It is essentially the same as ordinary Botox but is a much smaller dosage used with greater precision. We think it’s a great option for a number of reasons, in addition to being fashionable, of course, and here are some of those:

New to Botox

Baby Botox is a great way to start out in having Botox. Because the dosage is smaller than the normal amount given to people having Botox, it is less daunting but equally effective at treating fine lines and people’s first few wrinkles. People often worry about their face appearing frozen (which we don’t do to people anyway!) but it is almost impossible to do that with Baby Botox. The effects also wear off more quickly than they do with normal Botox. This means it’s a great option for people who want to give it a try but have some reservations.

Subtle Effects

We’re very fond of using Botox skilfully to create subtle effects anyway but Baby Botox is particularly suitable for this. Because of its small dose, it’s particularly useful for using around the eyes to remove the beginnings of crows’ feet. We also use it on the forehead and around the lips but it isn’t really suitable for deep wrinkles or large areas. It would certainly be our treatment of choice if you wanted to look more like Meghan Markle and less like Kim Kardashian!

Starting Young

Another common trend we notice is the tendency for people to start having Botox treatments much younger than they did before. This isn’t because young people have suddenly started developing wrinkles younger, thankfully. It’s because having Botox younger helps to prevent wrinkles from forming or stops very fine wrinkles becoming more pronounced. Baby Botox is great for younger people as preventing wrinkles only takes very small doses of Botox. The only problem with starting younger is that you can weaken facial muscles too much if you have too much Botox so Baby Botox is a good way to make this less likely. Again, we wouldn’t overdo your Botox injections in this way anyway.

All of our treatments are totally bespoke and Baby Botox is a very useful one for providing specific subtle effects. Whatever look you’re after, we will always advise you on the best way to achieve it and be very honest about what can be achieved. To find out more about Baby Botox or any of the treatments we offer, call 0783 741 3101 or email summaaeasthetics@gmail.com.

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